ZO® Medical + ZO® Skin Health

Advanced Skin Health Solutions Through the Power of Science

At Focus Aesthetics, we highly recommend ZO® Medical and ZO® Skin Health Products. This medical-grade skincare line was developed by dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi, based on the latest cutting-edge science and clinical research. ZO products help restore the balance of your skin, achieving optimal skin health for long-lasting, beautiful skin and the best treatment results.


We choose to use these products because they have so many repairative properties. They can improve your skin’s natural barrier function, cellular turnover, address unwanted oil and bacteria, and overall help your skin look and feel better. For our clients undergoing skin treatments, using quality skincare like ZO is crucial to keep your skin healthy and enjoy long term, natural results.


ZO products help create and maintain healthy skin for all ages, ethnicities, skin conditions and skin types. No matter what your skin care goals are, ZO has you covered. From rosacea, to correcting sun damage and pigmentation, to fine lines and aging, there is a ZO skin health routine for you.

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